about entrepreneurhouses

Living in a co-living & co-working helps you to get out of your routine, by living in a place where you have a good balance between work, relaxation, and fun. Work hard because everybody is working hard in the house, and relax because you have the pool outside, and many activities around the house (beach, surf, kite-surf, golf, gym etc.) 


Living together also helps to stay happy, because we have meals or beers at night, we all go out together. Some entrepreneurs usually live by themselves and tend to feel lonely. So this helps work on one side, and fun on the other side, which is a great balance that we are proud to have proven during the past months. 

We believe that being part of a community helps you to feel good!




At the end of your stay, you feel like you had a long vacation and a real break from your work life, but you were actually working harder.


Amazing, no?



Ooh and you will also live with us too! 😉



Camille is a young and energetic woman who lived in Brazil, Australia, France, Mexico, Canada, and Portugal. She loves the startup ecosystem, horse riding, traveling, and socializing. She is working in real estate in and around Lisbon.  



Andrew is a consultant programmer who lived in France, San Francisco and Montreal. He loves to cook, swim, to produce music, and always has 1,000 new ideas! 


We will be your local guide here in Portugal. For any information prior arrival, this travel blog has a lot to offer: 



This is my Home away from Home in Portugal. I love the vibe and the people. Perfect place to work, to hang out with new people and to chill . Amazing sunsets and huge space. Seriously I am in love with this place!

Anna Si, Graphic Designer