In a way coliving has always existed, also called shared house or residence for students. Coliving, coming from the famous coworking space (shared office), is a new and more innovating way of marketing the communication of those shared living space. With this creative term, it feels like a whole new living option has being created recently. Also there are two "new" main targets for those coliving spaces: the digital nomads (remote workers, freelancers, online entrepreneurs) and young professionals.

It is important to note that the demand for those spaces is growing fast as we have more and more nomads every year, but also, renting an apartment in cities like London, Berlin, New-York is becoming almost impossible in terms of price and requirements, so young professionals find the flexibility and price very convenient, and choose this solution over buying or renting a regular apartment, far from the center.

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Updated: Feb 11, 2019

I sit here at the glass table in the large living room that looks over the swimming pool surrounded by palm trees. It’s one of the many comfortable seating options to work, including the humungous silent space downstairs. Truthfully, one my favorite spaces to work in this beautiful space is the casual but friendly bar seating in the kitchen where it feels warm and there’s a bit of action going on around me, which I tend to like. But from here, I work well taking a deep breath as I look out the french doors at the sky and the trees and allow my mind to relax and expand.  Opposite and beside me sit a couple, he from France and she from the Ukraine. They work quietly and diligently on their projects, occasionally quietly exchanging a few words. They are workshop presenters who have been on the road for two years.  I know that in the kitchen sit a shy German man and a nice Russian digital nomad having breakfast as they chat and exchange ideas and experiences while Camille and Androu, the owners of this co-working, co-living space sit outside by the pool in the January sun, relaxing with their coffees. Later in the day they might invite folks to go down to the beach or make a big dinner for everyone.  I thrive in this comfortable togetherness, living and working amongst fellow travelers and workers, this flow that moves to my own rhythm where I can be absolutely alone or in easy companionship. I choose this over a hostel where it can be crowded and noisy, I choose this over a hotel where it can feel cold and impersonal, I choose this over an Airbnb where in all truth, I can feel alone. Here, it’s easy to meet people, I can exchange ideas, get inspiration, relax, focus, meet other freelancers, entrepreneurs, travelers all the while completing the projects I’ve come here to work on because the atmosphere is right and the wifi is constantly fast, available and awesome!

Monique and Blane, January 2019

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