Team Retreat

Entrepreneurs houses also for companies to send their team or one employee for a week or a month, to get out of the office and their life routine. We lived in Montreal for a few years and understood the feeling of being in a big city, working in an office 9 to 5. Winters can be long and can turn out to be like the French expression Metro, boulot, dodo, which means take the metro, work, and go to bed.

We have proven that we can provide a good dose of happiness while being as or even more productive in a co-living & co-working, than at the office.



Productivity is one of our main focus so we have created a dedicated space to work, with great condition, and office chairs. 

All our guests are saying they have been highly productive.

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The villa offers a lot of space, comfortable and bright bedrooms. It has all the amenities you will need. Ask us in advance if you have any special request.


Team building

We organise many activities for team building. You can ask for special ones! We believe a strong team culture is important for employees balance and happiness.




& Creativity

Our space is surrounded by nature, you will rest well, and be able to relax from your stressing life. 

You will also get out of your routine, which boost the creativity.

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